Best Surfboard Type for Intermediate Surfers

To really enjoy and excel in surfing, it is essential to ride the right surfboard that aligns with your skill level. As an intermediate surfer, it means that you are past beginner’s level surfboards and are now ready for boards that give you more freedom and control over your moves. But what is the best surfboard type for intermediate surfers?

Well, coming to a solid conclusion can be challenging because it somewhat depends on the individual’s surfing style and ambition. However, a good starting point for the majority lies in the range of the hybrid or funboard type of surfboards.


Hybrid, also known as funboards, fills the gap between longboards and shortboards, combining the best characteristics of both. With lengths varying between 7 and 9 feet, funboards offer a wonderful balance of stability and maneuverability.

Ideal for intermediate surfers, a funboard’s size and volume provide a stable platform, allowing surfers to ride waves without difficulty. On the other hand, their sleeker, narrower and less rounded nose as compared to longboards, grants the opportunity for surfers to try new moves and have a taste of what it feels like to ride shortboard style.

Thus, a funboard keeps one foot in the comfortable and forgiving longboard realm while getting you acquainted with the agility of shortboards, making it a perfect candidate for the intermediate surfers.

Performance Boards

As you advance through your intermediate surfing journey, you may become more specific about the performance you desire from your board. This is when the Performance surfboards come into play.

Performance boards are essentially downsized versions of shortboards. These surfboards tend to be narrower and thinner, providing maximum maneuverability and speed for proficiently catching and riding waves. However, these surfboards require deft weight shifts and good balance, thus being suitable for surfers who have developed their abilities considerably.

Fish Boards

Fish boards represent another excellent type of surfboard for intermediate surfers. With their short and wide construction, they offer high performance in a diverse range of conditions, especially in weaker or slower waves, where they maintain speed quite effortlessly. This makes fish-type surfboards great for surfers wanting to work on their maneuvers, as the speed and stability they provide can help to master these skills.

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Ultimately, the best surfboard type for intermediate surfers depends on individual abilities and ambitions. However, the hybrid/funboard, fish boards, and performance boards are some top contenders to consider as they each provide unique attributes suited to hone and develop intermediate-level surfing skills. As with any general advice, personal experience and comfort are key. So, don’t be afraid to try out different board types and find the one that works best for you. Remember, the overarching goal is to have fun and improve, so choose a board that aligns with those objectives.

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