Student Housing Tips

If you’re a student, you probably already know that it’s almost impossible to find an affordable place to live. While living on campus is the most convenient option for many students (especially those who commute from home), some students want more independence or simply can’t afford the cost of housing off-campus.

You can rent a room from a landlord

Rental properties are the ideal option for students who have a job and can afford to pay rent. You’ll have your own room and could even get it furnished, making it feel like home. Landlords usually ask for references, but they might be more lenient if you’re only renting out one room of their house. The best way to find a great student room for rent is to search online.

If you don’t have a job or aren’t able to make enough money through other means, then renting from a college is probably your best bet. Most colleges offer shared rooms at relatively low prices and often include meals in the price. Renting from a university doesn’t require any additional fees; however, keep in mind that they may require contracts with penalties if those involved break any rules set by them.

Read the lease before signing it

If you live with a landlord or friend, read your lease and/or agreement carefully to know what you are responsible for. For example, if the lease states that if you damage the property it will be deducted from your security deposit, then make sure that none of your roommates damage anything and then expect all of them to chip in on repairs. Make sure everyone understands what they can expect from each other:

Know who’s responsible for what, yours as well as others’ responsibilities, and make sure they’re spelled out clearly in writing.

Ask about the roommates, who is responsible for bills, and rules of the house before signing a lease.

Make sure you are comfortable with the roommates, the landlord and the neighborhood.

Make sure the landlord is responsible for repairs, not you

Renting a room as a student can be risky but it can be rewarding

It is important to do your research before deciding whether or not to rent a room, and even more important to ensure that you have adequate financial protection if something goes wrong.

Renting a room can be a good way to save money, and oftentimes students who are renting rooms will have access to kitchen facilities which they can use freely while living in the property. This means that they will be able to prepare their own food at home rather than having spend money on meals out every day of the week. Renting also allows students the opportunity for social interaction with other tenants who may share similar interests or hobbies as themselves.


Read your lease and agreement carefully and make sure that everything is in writing before signing it. If possible, talk to other members of the household or roommates in order to see if they have any complaints about living there. You should also have renters insurance because accidents happen no matter how careful we are!

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