December 2022

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What Is A Patent And How To Apply For One?

Patents are a powerful way to protect your ideas, but they can also be confusing and expensive. Here’s what you need to know about patents and how to apply for one.

What Is A Patent?

The USPTO grants patents for new, useful and non-obvious inventions. A patent is a legal document that gives the inventor exclusive rights to make, use or sell their invention for a limited time. Patents are issued only if the invention meets specific requirements set by law. The process of applying for a patent and issuing one can be complicated as explained on

Discover If Your Invention Already Exists

The first thing you should do is to search the internet for your invention. You can use Google Patents, or a patent search service such as the USPTO’s Espacenet (, or even just good old Google. Many inventors have found that their idea was already patented by someone else! This is where consulting with an attorney or an agency, such as InventHelp comes in handy, because they can give you advice on what constitutes an original invention and whether it qualifies for protection under patent law.

Use An Expert Service To Help You With The Application Process And Paperwork

If you are not a lawyer and want to apply for your own patent, consider using an expert service to help with the application process. There are expert companies such as InventHelp that specialize in helping inventors file for patents and can help you get started. They will walk you through the process step by step, and their services are typically very affordable. There are many reviews from other people who have used the company’s services, and they are generally very positive. They offer a free consultation service to help you determine if your idea is worth patenting, and their fee only comes into play after you decide to use them for filing.

Single Status Affidavit Apostille

The Single Status Affidavit form is a legal document that is used to inform the state of Texas that you are single and have been for at least 30 days. The document must be signed by both parents if both parents are alive, or by only one parent if only one parent is alive. The form must be submitted to the local county clerk’s office where you live in Texas.

If you were married, but then divorced, you must wait 60 days from the date of divorce before applying for this affidavit. If you were married, but then annulled or invalidated your marriage, you may apply for this affidavit after 30 days from the date of annulment or invalidation provided that no other marriage has occurred since that time.

The Single Status Affidavit form can be used for all purposes, including applying for a driver’s license, registering to vote and registering as an organ donor. The document expires after two years from the date it was issued unless renewed sooner by submitting another affidavit with proof of continued single status (such as copies of bank statements).

Single Status Affidavit Apostille Services

If you are in a hurry or just don’t want to go through the hassle of getting your document notarized and certified, Apostille Services are a great option. They will take care of all the paperwork for you so that you can submit your Single Status Affidavit to any government agency in the U.S. or abroad with confidence. The best place to search for apostille services is the internet. You can type something like “single status affidavit near me” into your search engine and find a list of options. Then, contact them to see if they offer Apostille Services, and how much it costs. Once you have found an apostille service, simply fill out their form with all the information about your document (you may need to include a copy as well).