May 2022

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Skills Assessment

If a job requires a particular set of critical skills, it makes sense to consider skills testing.

A skills assessment test can determine if your potential candidate has the required skill set needed to execute his or her duties. The cost of replacing an employee is significant, so hiring an employee with a strong knowledge of the skills they need to know is generally cost justified, particularly given the affordable cost of skills testing.

Skills tests are delivered on paper and online. Online tests have the advantage of being easier to customize, administer and grade. Upon completion the results are instantly processed and ready for review. Generally candidates are sent an invitation via email to complete a skills test as part of the hiring process. The candidate can then login and begin testing.

The downside of online tests is the potential for someone other than the candidate to complete the test. This can be mitigated by conducting the online test at your facility.

Skills Test Subjects

The tests can cover multiple subjects and multiple question formats. For instance you may want to determine your candidate’s knowledge of Powerpoint, Word, Excel, and Quickbooks. The test can ask questions not only on these multiple topics but may also ask questions in True/False or multiple choice formats. In addition, you may choose the difficulty level of the questions to be asked such as beginner, moderate or difficult. Often you may select the total number of questions you wish the candidate to answer. The questions will then be evenly distributed across your subjects.

Skills Tests Results

Skills tests results are easy to interpret as they are scored very much like a test you took in school. Normally the candidate receives an overall score in addition to scores for individual subjects so the evaluator can easily determine for what skills the candidate has the most knowledge.

Comparing Dog Grooming Providers

Contrary to conventional thinking not all dog grooming providers are comparable nor do they have the same level of expertise when it comes to handling dogs during a grooming session. There are many reputable groomers while some may not meet up to your expectations. Therefore, it is wise to do a bit of research and compare the services of a few dog groomers prior to selecting the best for your pet. There are many responsibilities attached to the business of grooming and this is what you need to pay special attention to before you allow one to handle your dog.

Who is the cleanest of them all?

Just like you would head to a beauty salon that is spotlessly clean, right from its staff to the equipment, a dog grooming facility also needs to maintain the highest standards of hygiene. This is one area that a grooming service must score full points and a comparison you cannot afford to ignore. There is always the risk of dirt building up and minor cuts and wounds inflicted during the grooming process, which calls regular cleaning and the use of sterilized tools and equipment.

Go for the pro

Dog groomers ought to have professional certification and specific training in grooming. There is much more to grooming that the twirl of a brush and the click of a clipper. Professional groomers will understand a lot about dog behavior as well. So make sure to check the credentials so that you deal with the best dog grooming service in the business.

Well maintained and equipped facility

A well maintained facility will definitely pay special attention to sanitation. However, you need to make sure they have more than just the essential equipment for your pet’s convenience. From cage dryers to nail clippers and ear cleaners, there are a lot of tools that are a part of a grooming service. Therefore, make it a point to compare the equipment available each with each dog grooming provider in Altamonte Springs.

All inclusive grooming services

A grooming service must offer all inclusive packages and not just a shampoo & condition routine. Your dog’s nails, ears, and hair need to be taken special care no matter whether he is a show dog or not. Look for facility that offers you advice on various styles that could suit your long haired dog so that you can have them apply an appropriate style. Look for a facility that offers mobile pet grooming Altamonte Springs services as well.

Grooming at a price

Affordability is one factor that only you can truly decide on what is and what’s not fair when it comes to spending on a dog grooming service. For the most part, you would want to strike a good bargain so do a bit of price comparison but consider the services offered as well. You can conduct a comparison online.

In the process, search for a dog grooming provider that offers adequate well-trained staff including emergency backup staff as well. There are many that offer an online reservation system to make sure your pet is taken care of just when needed.