Why Choose Wood-Aluminium Windows in Estonia?

Estonia boasts a rich blend of architectural designs, displaying their historical background, as well as the modern influence on property construct. It is essential that one aspect that harmonizes these unique architectural pieces is their windows. Windows play a crucial role in the overall aesthetics and energy efficiency of a building. One popular window choice in Estonia is the wood-aluminium windows, designed to cater to both traditional and contemporary buildings. Why should you consider wood-aluminium windows for your property in Estonia? Here are the key reasons.

Weather Resistance

Estonia experiences diverse weather conditions, where heavy rainfall, snow, and hail are commonplace. On account of the harsh weather, wooden windows alone might not offer optimal resistance to these elements. Wood-aluminium windows merge the classic appeal of wood with a weather-resistant aluminium seal protecting the wooden structure. Consequently, wood-aluminium windows showcase a heightened resilience against extreme weather conditions.

Durability and Low Maintenance

Featuring an aluminium cladding on the exterior of a wooden window frame, wood-aluminium windows enjoy a longer lifespan compared to single-material windows. Aluminium boasts excellent resistance to wear and tear, increasing the durability of these windows. Furthermore, wood-aluminium windows necessitate low maintenance, as the aluminium shielding eliminates the need to repaint or re-varnish the wood frequently.

Aesthetic Appeal and Customization Options

Wood-aluminium windows are the epitome of harmony between traditional and contemporary design elements. These windows fuse the natural warmth of wooden frames with the sleek and modern effect of aluminium shielding. In addition, wood-aluminium windows can be tailor-made to enhance the architectural aesthetics of any property.

An array of color options are available to suit your design preferences, ensuring that the windows complement the overall look of your building.

Energy Savings

Wood-aluminium windows are highly customizable, and their insulation properties can be fine-tuned using double or triple glazing. Triple-glazed windows offer robust insulation, which is especially essential in the colder regions of Estonia. The unique combination of wood and aluminium ensures that these windows deliver excellent thermal properties, ultimately contributing to energy savings.

Product Variety

Estonian companies like Puitaknad provide an extensive range of puit alumiinium aknad. Their selection comprises inward and outward opening windows in various sizes and designs. For instance, their product line includes the German wood-aluminium window types TKO-3, TKO-21 and TKO-31, and Finnish wood-aluminium window types MSEAL, MSEAL-B, and MSEAL-A, among others. This variety guarantees that you will find a solution for your architectural requirements, whether it’s a traditional or a modern design.

UV Resistance

Wood-aluminium windows offer superior resistance to UV rays compared to other window materials like plastic. The aluminium protects the wood from the harmful effects of UV radiation, ensuring that the windows retain their structural integrity and appearance for a longer duration.

In Conclusion

Choosing wood-aluminium windows for your Estonian property offers multiple advantages, including weather resistance, durability, low maintenance, aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, and a rich variety of products to harmonize with your architectural preferences. Investing in wood-aluminium windows guarantees that your property benefits from the fusion of traditional charm with modern innovation, while ensuring maximum energy savings.

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