The Patent Process: Demystified by Invention Assistance Companies

For those who venture into the complex world of invention, obtaining a patent is a paramount step. It’s not just about claiming the rights to an invention—it also serves as a shield, protecting the inventor’s hard work from being exploited by others. However, for new inventors, this process could be compared to navigating uncharted territories, filled with potential pitfalls and legal labyrinths. This is where invention assistance companies like InventHelp can make their mark. Let’s see what happens after I contact InventHelp?

How Can InventHelp Help in Patenting

InventHelp, similar to other invention assistance companies, plays a pivotal role in helping new inventors to grapple with the convoluted patent application process. Applicants need to sail through an array of steps – patent search, drafting the application, describing the invention and its operation, claims, examination, and finally, securing the patent. InventHelp provides significant support in these areas, making the process less daunting.

Starting with Patent Research

The first step in patenting is conducting a comprehensive patent search to ensure the uniqueness of the idea. InventHelp aids inventors in this crucial step by utilizing their knowledge of patent databases and research resources. They ensure an exhaustive search, so inventors can be confident that their idea is innovative and novel.

Drafting the Patent Application

Next comes the drafting of the patent application—a laborious task that demands meticulous attention to detail and adept knowledge of legislation. InventHelp’s professionals with their deep-seated understanding of patent laws assist inventors in crafting their patent application, ensuring it fully conforms to the applicable rules and regulations.

Claims and Examination

The most crucial part of a patent application is its claims. These are legal statements that define the scope of the protection conferred by a patent. InventHelp’s experts help inventors formulate robust and effective claims to establish the boundaries of their invention. Following this, an application enters the examination phase, where the respective patent office scrutinizes the application. InventHelp stands by inventors throughout this process, providing necessary support and guidance.

Securing the Patent

Once the examination phase is cleared successfully, the patent is awarded, thus giving the inventor exclusive rights to the invention. InventHelp assists at every stage, ensuring that this journey, right from the conception of an idea to securing the patent, becomes simpler and more navigable for new inventors.

How will I benefit from using InventHelp? InventHelp provides a range of benefits for its clients. The most prominent one is that it helps you take your idea from conception to commercialization. They assist you in making the right choices, which will help you in creating a successful business model around your invention. Moreover, they also provide guidance on how to secure funding and other important aspects related to bringing an invention into reality.


In essence, InventHelp, as with other invention assistance companies, is instrumental in guiding new inventors through the patent process. They transform a potentially daunting task into a more straightforward journey, making sure no potential pitfalls impede the way of new inventors. Their comprehensive support throughout the patent application process undeniably alleviates a great deal of stress, thus allowing the inventors to focus more on their creative process.

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