The Need for Drug Tests for Some Jobs

Some companies require drug test for their employees, while some other companies do not. It depends on the nature of the job and company policies whether a company requires a drug test or not.

Drug Tests Are Not Mandatory For All Jobs

In general, there are two types of jobs that require drug tests: safety-sensitive and non-safety-sensitive positions. Safety-sensitive jobs are those that involve direct contact with the public or activities that could affect public health and safety. Non-safety sensitive jobs are those that do not involve direct contact with the public nor activities that could affect public health and safety.

Safety-Sensitive Jobs Require Drug Tests

The following are examples of safety-sensitive jobs:

  • Air traffic controllers
  • Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who work in hospitals or clinics (pharmacists may also be required to take drug tests)
  • Construction workers who work at heights above six feet above ground level (such as scaffolders, crane operators and riggers)
  • Police officers, firefighters and other emergency responders
  • Military personnel who carry weapons or are responsible for the security of an installation (such as airmen and sailors)
  • Truck drivers who haul hazardous materials
  • Professional athletes

In general, employers may require applicants and employees to take drug tests if they work in a safety-sensitive position. In some cases, employers may be required to implement drug testing programs. For example, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration mandates that commercial truck drivers take drug tests as a condition of employment.

In many cases, employers have the right to drug test applicants and employees as a condition of employment. However, this does not necessarily mean that employers can require all applicants or employees to take drug tests. Employers must make an individualized determination that testing is necessary for the safety-sensitive position in question.

How About The Kohl’s Company?

Does Kohls drug test? The company does not appear to have a specific policy on drug testing. The company’s website states that it conducts background checks on all potential new hires, but there is no mention of drug tests. Kohl’s also has a policy prohibiting the illegal use of drugs by employees while at work or during off-duty hours.

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