Fall Lawn Care Services: How to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

As autumnal hues invade the foliage around our homes, it’s important to start preparing your lawn for the upcoming winter months. Equipped with the right services and maintenance practices, the lawn can not just survive, but thrive during the colder seasons. For comprehensive care and best results, UK homeowners can rely on the experts at Kingsbury Lawn Care.

Fall Lawn Care: More Than Just Raking Leaves

Fall lawn care involves more than simply raking up fallen leaves – though that’s an unavoidable task. It encompasses a variety of practices designed to bolster the lawn’s health as it enters a period of dormancy. This is where Kingsbury Lawn Care’s vast Lawn Treatment Programme enters the spotlight.

Kingsbury’s Approach to Fall Lawn Care

Kingsbury Lawn Care provides homeowners with a comprehensive, year-round lawn treatment service expertly tailored to each season’s demands. Their carefully devised program ensures that your lawn retains its health, color, and control, offering an attractive and enjoyable outdoor space throughout the year.

Their autumn treatment entails an application of Semi–Organic Autumn Liquid Fertiliser along with a Granular Soil Improver, vital components of their Fall Lawn Care regimen. The aim is to balance the soil’s nutrient profile, readying your lawn for the challenging winter season. The liquid fertiliser fortifies the grass, promoting deep root growth to survive the winter season, while the soil improver fosters beneficial soil microbes to improve soil structure and fertility.

A crucial part of Kingsbury’s fall lawn service is the application of Moss Control with a Product Enhancer. This is significant in addressing the moss menace which can swiftly invade a lawn in cold, damp conditions.

Preparing for Winter with Kingsbury

Following fall, Kingsbury Lawn Care also offers comprehensive winter services. Over this time, they resort to Winter Moss Control, again teamed with a Product Enhancer. This approach ensures that moss doesn’t get a foothold in your lawn as temperatures plummet and daylight hours shrink.

The Kingsbury Lawn Care Advantage

Choosing Kingsbury Lawn Care for your lawn’s autumn and winter preparation provides several advantages. These include seven chargeable treatments spread over eleven visits, providing exceptional value. All their treatments are pet-safe and kind to the soil and environment. You also benefit from a free technician survey and assessment during the first treatment, giving a clear and expert understanding of your lawn health and needs.

Furthermore, all treatments are accompanied by an instant technician report, keeping you updated about your lawn’s current condition and the measures being taken to improve it. They are also committed to delivering exemplary customer service, providing unlimited office support and regular updates about your lawn’s seasonal needs.


Properly transitioning your lawn into winter is a critical step in maintaining its overall health and longevity. Choosing a professional and experienced lawn care service like Kingsbury Lawn Care ensures your lawn receives the care and attention it deserves during these critical months before winter. Prepare your garden for the winter with a tailored, expert lawn care service and enjoy a lush, healthy lawn all year round.

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