How to Patent an Invention Idea – Explained

Do you have an invention idea and want to know how to patent it? Patenting an invention is a complicated process that requires a lot of research and paperwork. But with the right guidance, you can get the job done. Read on to learn more about how to patent an invention and how to present your invention to a company for potential licensing and patenting.

What Is a Patent?

A patent is a right granted by the government to an inventor. It gives the inventor exclusive rights to make, use, and sell their invention for a limited period of time. This means that no one else can manufacture, assemble, or sell the invention. By obtaining a patent, inventors can protect their work from being copied or used without their permission.

Types of Patents

There are three main types of patents that can be issued: utility patents, design patents, and plant patents. Utility patents protect the functional aspects of an invention while design patents protect the look and design. Plant patents protect newly developed plants that are asexually reproduced. Depending on the invention, one or more of these patent types may be applicable.

How to Patent an Invention

Before you start the patenting process, you should research the invention to make sure it is patentable. The invention must be new, useful, and non-obvious. You can search for existing patents on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website.

Once you have done your research, you can file a patent application with the USPTO. The application must include detailed drawings and descriptions of the invention, as well as any claims for what the invention does. The application must also include an oath or declaration stating that the invention is new and you are the true inventor. Once the application is filed, the USPTO will review it and decide if a patent should be granted.

There are patenting agencies, like InventHelp, that can help with patenting an invention and will guide you through the process. They can also help you market your invention if it is granted a patent.


Inventing is not easy, but it can be rewarding. If you have an idea that you think could be turned into a profitable invention, do your research and talk to experts in the field. There are many different steps involved in creating a successful invention, including protecting it with a patent or other form of intellectual property protection.

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