Cagliari Car Hire

Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia, and has a population of about 250,000 people. It’s located on the southwest coast of the island, on the Gulf of Cagliari. The city is known for its Roman ruins and medieval architecture, as well as its beaches and resorts.

The city was founded by Phoenicians in around 2000 B.C., but it was later occupied by Carthaginians, Romans and Vandals before being recaptured by the Byzantines in 536 A.D. In 1090 Cagliari became part of the Kingdom of Aragon and remained under Spanish rule until 1720 when it became part of Piedmont-Sardinia (later Italy).

Today Cagliari is an important tourist destination due to its beautiful beaches, historic sites and monuments. The city is also home to some of Sardinia’s best restaurants where you can enjoy traditional cuisine prepared with fresh local ingredients such as seafood from the Mediterranean Sea or goat cheese from nearby mountains.

Cagliari Car Rental

Car rental is the best way to explore Cagliari and its surrounding areas. You can book a rental car from one of the many well known international car rental companies such as Alamo, AVIS, Budget, Europcar and Sixt.

They offer a wide range of vehicles for all types of travelers whether you’re traveling with your family or on business. You can choose from a wide range of cars including economy cars, vans, luxury SUVs and convertibles.

Cagliari car rental companies offer different insurance options so make sure that you check the terms and conditions of your rental agreement before picking up your car.

Cagliari is a great city for exploring on your own. You can rent a car and drive around the city and its surrounding areas. If you’re traveling with your family or friends, then renting a car is recommended because it allows you to travel at your own pace without having to worry about schedules, stops and transfers.


Cagliari is a great place for tourists to explore. It offers different places to visit and things to do, from beaches and outdoor activities to museums, churches and historical buildings. If you’re planning on visiting Cagliari or any other city in Sardinia, then you should consider renting a car because it will allow you to travel around easily.

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