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-Drum kit

Drum Making Workshops:

Linda offers a variety of drum making workshops for the beginner to the advanced drum designer.

Included in your workshop is a ceremony and storytelling by Linda. She encourages that you bring a rattle or bell to participate with her.

The basic class offers a two-hour hands-on interactive workshop for making a rustic Native American 16" drum. All quality materials are included: wood hoop rim, elk hide, buffalo inner circle and elk lacings.

Advanced classes are offered for making larger drums, including the double-sided 20" healing drum, 30" and 36" Pow Wow drums.

Workshops are gladly developed and presented to any size group, at almost any choice of location. Please contact us to arrange a customized workshop.

Workshops conducted at Little Trees Gallery are $200.00 per person. Call for available time and date.

When Linda travels to you in the US. The cost is $250.00 per
person. A minimum of 10 designer in a workshop.

There must be a fascinator for workshop conducted away from Little Trees Gallery. Linda will gift the cost of the drum workshop to the facilitator.

When traveling out of the country the cost is $250.00 per person plus travel and expenses for two people.

For the latest workshop information, including information on developing a customized workshop, contact Linda.

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